Australia Think Tank now on Youtube!

Australia Think Tank is a three part series that was produced as part of ABC and Screen Australia's Fresh Blood initiative. Out of a squillion entries our little show, along with 23 other lucky buggers, got to hang out on iView with all the cool shows like LatelineGardening Australia and ABC News with Ros Childs. Now the series is entering its rebellious teen phase as it's launched on Youtube!

With critics praising the series with affirmations like "not every single joke sucks" (Australian Tumbleweeds), you can watch not every single joke sucking below. Heck, if you like it, you can put your opinion where your finger is and click like on the facebook page as well.

Synopsis:The beautiful Island Continent of Australia has faced and continues to face many significant challenges. These have been tackled over the years by our politicians, thinkers and leaders. But sometimes Australia faces a choice that is not as high profile but nevertheless crucial to the nation such as Andre Rieu coming back to Australia or a new national frog. 

Starring Andy Matthews, Bec Petraitis, Matt Stewart and Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall. Directed by Evan Munro-Smith. For the full credits, click here.

And here's a bunch of behind the scenes content we prepared earlier.