Australia, Get It Up Ya! Launches October 26th

Australia. The largest country in the world, but also the smallest. With more coastline than everywhere else put together, and a population twice as diverse as that, it has always defied description. Until now. Australia, Get it Up Ya! is an unforgiving look at a country that refused to grow up, and the one man crazy enough to stop it.

4 comedians. 8 states and territories. 1 overly ambitious comedy television series. Australia, Get It Up Ya! is a ground-breaking show in the travel/political/bush-tucker genre, covering a broad range of cracking locations and Aussie history.

Partly funded by the Community Broadcasting Foundation and a highly successful Pozible campaign, the team at Stupid Old Studios filmed on location all around Australia. Each episode will be a concoction of recurring and standalone segments: some satirical and some downright absurd.

Australia, Get It Up Ya! airs 9pm Mondays on C31 (digital 44) in Melbourne for seven weeks and will be available online on Stupid Old Channel.

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